Glass Accessories Measuring Guide

Glass on Glass.
Glass on glass downstems and diffusers are typicaly measured from the bottom of the frosted male fitting to the bottom of the downstem and NOT the overall length. ie: the clear piece of tubing. The diameter of the fitting can be measured anywhere on the tapered fitting. 14mil can measure between 12.5 and 14.5 mil. 19mil fittings can measure between 18 and 19.5mil, sometimes referred to 18.8mil.  14mil is approx 0.6" and 19mil is approx 0.75"
Low Profile downstems have 19mil outside male fitting with a 14mil female fitting inside.

Conventional Rubber Grommet.
Glass downstems with rubber grommet are usually measured by outside diameter and length from top to bottom. Lengths vary from 1.5" to 6"  Standard outside diameter is 12mil (approx 1/2") Inside diameter is normally 9.5mil. They can be used wit 8mil 9mil and 9.5mil sliders. Oversize 15mil downstems are available.
Glass sliders with rubber "O" are measured by outside diameter. 8mil,9mil or 9.5mil. Length is measured from top to bottom.
Please use a little soapy water when inserting glass downstems into rubber grommets.

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