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GorillaGlassShop tries to excel in customer service. Here are a few comments from our past customers.

Mike. 1/14/21

I just want to thank you guys. I just received my shipment and it’s exactly what I needed!
But also thanks for the freebies! Major props! That small gesture means a heck of a lot!

Joel. 1/13/21

Andy, Just received my order.  Thoroughly impressed from start to finish. You could put on a clinic.  Appreciate the xtra gift.  Thanks! Joel

Colleen. 1/7/21

Got my order.Thanx for your help.

Thomas. 12/15/20

thank you so much for the freebies they are awesome happy safe holidays to you hopefully it will be a better year

Karen. 12/11/20

Hi there, I just wanted to thank you for your very fast delivery of my new bowls For my pipe! I have broken my old  bowl and it sure is hard to toke out of something that’s cracked! Just wanted to say thanks for your very fast delivery and your fine product 

Julia. 9/19/20

You’re amazing, Andy Andrews! Thanks so much for your time and energy. Just placed my order.
Have a beautiful day :)

Logan. 9/14/20

Hello my name is logan. I just bought from y’all for the first time and within my package I got an extra package that said “ free gift, extra parts, maybe useful.” They are indeed useful and thank you for the kindness

Michael. 9/12/20

Hey. Thanks for the freebie. It will definitely help!  You've got my business forever! 

Joel. 9/9/20

Everything worked perfectly! 
Thank you! …for the freebies, too!

Best, Joel

Rustin. 9/8/20

You guys are awesome. Just wanted to say thanks. There's apparently a glass shipment issue in my state right now due to the coronavirus. I couldn't find a replacement piece anywhere. I have a hand made couch potato style "Water pipe" made in Portland that needs the old downstem. Great product. Thanks for the freebies. 

Scott. 8/10/20
Hey there!
I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how impressed I am with your shop. You had exactly what I needed at extremely competitive prices. The pieces I received were of great quality and came super quickly even during these uncertain times of pandemic. I really appreciate the level of service and quality products. I will definitely order from you again in the future.

God bless and stay healthy!

Dawn. 7/31/20
I want to thank you for the prompt shipment of my order.  I will order through you from now on.  Great prices, and customer service.

Chris. 7/28/20
Thanks for all the assistance today.

Mike. 7/15/20
andy, everything arrived safe and sound. thanks for the help finding it all. take care my friend.  mike
p.s. sure do wish you was my uncle. good ole uncle andy is what we would call you...

Ian. 7/13/20
Hey!  I love your shop!  You carry a great variety of super-quaint, super-badass, and super-practical items, and all at very reasonable prices.  I’ve ordered a few “hard to find” 30 degree curved down-stems -and indeed they are hard to find, especially at a decent price- and some pull-stem bowls to accompany them, and I was pleasantly surprised to find two extra pull stems, although one of them had a broken handle, but I consider myself a crafty fellow, and can certainly craft a nifty solution.  Anyway!  Congratulations, you’ve nabbed a customer-for-life.  I’ll be sure to consider your shop before any other when beginning a new project, and I’ll recommend your shop to any of my friends looking for items you may carry.  I have a couple of water pipe projects lined up, so I’ll be ordering from your shop again soon.
Your New Jersey friend, Ian

Alex. 7/11/20
Oh cool thank you! I'm looking to order 23 of them, odd number I know haha. Anyway, I'm going to place the order order right away. Thanks a billion for your help! 

William. 6/12/20
Amazing products, amazing customer service! Thank you i ordered 4 dragons  and 4 clam shell cases thanks for the tips. I'm going to tell all my friends about this site. 

Savaughn. 5/31/20
Yea some of the pieces weren't the right size but I'm still placing another order.

Savaughn. 5/28/20
I love you guys lol I'm placing another order right now getting my cart ready

Buford. 5/9/20
O.K. Thanx for responding.

Conner. 5/1/20
Oh thank you for pointing that out yes the 12.5mm outside is what I need. Appreciate the service :)

Romy. 4/9/20
Ok, thanks for the update. and i appreciate your response speed.have a good day.

David. 4/7/20
Andy, thanks for you help. I have ordered a couple items.
Best, David

Art. 4/6/20
Thanks Andy,

I've already used it and been throughly impressed.
Thanks for the great buy, I'll be back to buy again.

Carley. 30/3/20
We received our order already!! Everything was perfect and arrived so quickly!! Thank you so much!

Gary. 15/1/20
Hi Andy,

I found your shop googling for the right downstem kit to convert a piece. I honestly didn't quite know how to search for it outside of "grommet", "bong", "replacement", and "downstem". It took me awhile to get to your page but the diffused downstem you sell was exactly what I was looking for. Hopefully this info is of some use to you. Thanks




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